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SVENSKAMAGIC DOMARE Vart/när SvM Domare Årsmöte ...
Annual Meeting: March 10th, 2024
Senast läst: 21:53:27, 26/5 -24. Läst 619 gånger.
@svm s. 24/1 -19

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8 svar

Annual Meeting: March 10th, 2024 21:06:48, 12/3 -24  
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Hello everyone!

Last Sunday, March 10th, we had a productive annual meeting that took place in the Nuí Nordic North discord. During the meeting we discussed our financial situation and how the process for becoming a judge will function. Additionally a vote was held on the matter of accepting Denmark, Iceland, and Norway into the association which was approved. You can find the complete meeting minutes here.

A new board was voted in, the board now consists of:
Gustav Melefors, Chairman
Anton Huang, Vice-Chairman
Sam Fryman, Board Member
Jonas Swiatek, Danish Chair
Ann Bailey, Icelandic Chair
Wiliam Henriksen, Norwegian Chair

Now as an organization moving forwards our focus will be on getting the certification and testing process in place. Part of getting the certification process in place is developing a mentorship structure. Despite not having testing currently available, members are encouraged to work with potential judges in developing skills for when we have the ability to test for certification. Another priority of the SvMJ Board will be planning out this year's upcoming conferences that we are going to have, the current goal is to have two conferences; one in the summer and one in the autumn.

In the meantime, while we wait for answers from Judge Foundry and JudgeApps, we now have an email address you can send any questions or inquiries towards:

If you haven’t already, you can become a member through this form.

Note: that international members cannot as of now pay for membership as we do not have the ability to process international payment. A current option is to get a Swedish person with Swish to transfer on your behalf. However, you can still sign up and we will send you an email as soon as we are able to take international payment.

SvenskaMagic Judge Board


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