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[ALARA GAMES] Duel Commander Tournament


Format: Duel Commander
Datum: Lör 29/7
Plats: Alara Games, Trollhättan (Västra Götalands län)
Registrering: 10:00-10:30
DCI-sanktionerad: Ja
Kontakt: IamBroborn eller


Do you like Commander? Do you like competitive formats?

Try the fastest growing two-player Commander format, ''Duel Commander''!

​Note that Duel Commander has its own rules, restrictions and banned list.

Ticket Purchase:

Entry fee: 200:-

Participation limit: 100

Tickets are only available at Alara Games. Note that store credits CAN NOT be used in a purchase that includes any event ticket.

Please buy/order your tickets, card singles and register your decklist (if any) prior to the event for a smooth and convenient experience upon arrival.

Tournament Details:

Format: Duel Commander

Pairing Method: Swiss with cut to top 8

Rule Enforcement Level: Competitive

Time and Place: 2023-07-29 11:00 @ Alara Games, Trollhättan


Prize Structure:

1st: 1600 Store Credits, 1x Foil "Dismember" in the phyrexian language.

2nd: 800 Store Credits, 1x Foil "Dismember" in the phyrexian language.

3rd-4th: 400 Store Credits, 1x Foil "Dismember" in the phyrexian language.

5th-8th: 200 Store Credits, 1x Foil "Dismember" in the phyrexian language.

Participation: ​1x Foil "Dismember" in the phyrexian language.

Inlagd: 16:12, 17/5 -23 av IamBroborn  
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