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Moose Cup


Format: 93/94
Datum: Lör 24/9
Plats: Movitz+Bishops Arms, Gamla Stan, Hägersten (Stockholms län)
Registrering: 13:00-13:15
DCI-sanktionerad: Ja
Kontakt: WilleMagic

MER INFO Schedule:
1 PM - Meetup at Movitz (next to Bishops Arms)
1:15 PM - Pairings, Round #1
2 PM - Bishops Arms opens
2:15 PM - Round #2-4
5 PM* - End of Swiss - food break
6:30 PM - Top4 / Finals

What's the twist?
To make it a bit jankier, as the Moose likes it, you will build a 59-card deck (+15 card sideboard). Moose Crew will randomly provide the last card for you to ensure maximum fun! This card is not allowed to sideboard out and it cannot be discarded regardless (Mind Twist, Wheel etc.)

Prize pool:
To do something a little bit more fun, we will this time (to celebrate the 6th Moose Cup) introduce the 1st prize! Since this was not able to do last time, we hope that we can change that this time!
1st price (if more than 10 people attend) will be a signed Old School art by Anson Maddocks!
Inlagd: 18:43, 4/9 -22 av MrBlack  
VI KOMMER! (3 st.) nihilisticotutor, MrBlack, stein

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