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[Alara Games] Legacy European Tour Regional Championship Qualifier - Modern


Format: Modern
Datum: Lör 6/8
Plats: Alara Games, Trollhättan (Västra Götalands län)
Registrering: - okänd -
DCI-sanktionerad: Nej
Kontakt: IamBroborn eller


It's time for the journey to the Pro Tour to begin. Can you start at the bottom of the ladder and compete the whole way up to become the world champion?
Enter the event and find out!

If you need to make a purchase or provide information, such as a deck list, to complete your tournament participation. Please do so 24h prior to the event for a smooth and convenient experience upon arrival.

Ticket Purchase:

Entry fee: 500:-

Participation limit: 32

Tickets are only available at Alara Games. Note that store credits CAN NOT be used in a purchase that includes any event ticket.

!We are expecting a high demand and therefor the tickets have a set release time 2022-06-27, 11:00 CET!

Tournament Details:

Format: Modern

Pairing Method: Swiss + cut to top 8

Rule Enforcement Level: Competitive

Time and Place: 2022-08-06, 11:00 CET @ Alara Games, Trollhättan


Prize Structure:

1st: 1250 Store Credits, a ''Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, FOIL'' and a qualification slot for the Regional Championships.

2nd: 1250 Store Credits and a ''Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx''.

3-4th: 750 Store Credits and a ''Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx''

5-8th: 500 Store Credits and a ''Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx''

Participation: One ''Lava Spike''

Inlagd: 15:08, 22/6 -22 av IamBroborn  
Uppdaterad: 15:15, 22/6 -22 
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