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Invasion Tour - Legacy 10K


Format: Legacy
Datum: Lör 7/5
Plats: Invasion Games, Norrköping (Östergötlands län)
Registrering: 09:00-09:45
DCI-sanktionerad: Ja
Kontakt: Olly

MER INFO Battle against the best of the best in the epic Legacy landscape to claim the title of the Monthly Conquest winner and a uniqe winner playmat.

==What is the Monthly Conquest?

Monthly Conquest is a series of monthly competetive tournaments in various formats.

You will earn Invasion Tour ranking points based on the tournaments attendance below and your Swiss-placement in it:

Winner = 2 x number of attendance
2-4 place = 1,5 x number of attendance
5-8 place = 1 x number of attendance
9-16 place = 0,75 x number of attendance
17 - 32 = 0,5 x number of attendance
33 - 64 = 0,25 x number of attendance
65 - 128 = 0 x number of attendance

==What is the Prize Pool?

The Prize Pool will be minimum 10.000 SEK store credit that can be saved for a rainy day or used at the event. Prizes will be divided on Top 16.

==Where do I sign up and pay?

Buy your ticket here

==Is decklist mandatory?

Yes - you will submit your decklist in the MTG Melee controller.

== Will singles be available BEFORE start of the main event?

No, they wont. Singles are available after start of round 1. Unless you make a pre-order.

== Can I make a preorder on your Cardmarket and pickup in the store before the start of main event?

Yes - That you CAN do. Visit our shop

== Will your Cardmarket inventory be available for non-pre-orders during the day?

Our Cardmarket inventory is not located in the shop space and will not be available during the tournament. However, we have a big veriety of singles in the shop.

==General tournament information:

- Main Event: Legacy
- Cost: $37,5 (MTG Melee)
- SWISS pairings
- Registration ends 09:45
- Cut to Top 8
- Invasion Tour points
- Competetive
- Decklist
Inlagd: 13:40, 24/3 -22 av Olly  
Uppdaterad: 12:36, 1/5 -22 
VI KOMMER! (2 st.) Discus, Scale

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