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Duel Commander Online


Format: Duel Commander
Datum: Tors 18/3
Plats: Online, Trollhättan (Västra Götalands län)
Registrering: - okänd -
DCI-sanktionerad: Nej
Kontakt: Avatar

MER INFO Time to play some Duel Commander Online!
We will play this through Spelltable and Discord. You can utilize the Companion app as well but it's not mandatory as pairings etc. will be posten in discord.
We will award prices at random to keep this as fair as possibly and promote "gentlemens play".
The event is open for international players and the language spoken will be English.
You can read more about Duel Commander here:
You can read more about Spelltable here and sugest that you have tryed it out beforehand:
When -> Thursday 18/3 at 19:00CET
Where -> Online, Discord, Spelltable
Format -> Duel Commander
Cost -> 0SEK (there will be an entry fee in the future events)
Tickets ->
Pricestructure -> 2x Promo Packs for the free event. Thease can be sent out with orders if you contact us at

How To:
- Create or use your WOTC Account at
- Join Alara Games Discord at
There you will see the Tournament Space section where announcements, pairings and results will be posted.
- When pairings come up, join the correct table in discord and join the same table at spelltable (a list of table links will be posted in announcements). Be online and ready at least 10min before round 1 starts.
- You will have 40min to play a round (BO1) and the timer will start when pairings are posted.
- The player who won (player 1 in case of a draw) shall report the result on discord or if both player report through the Companion App.
- Final standings will be posted in annoucements after all the swiss rounds have been played and prices will be handed out. The prices will be instore for 6 months and can be sent out with an purchased order. If the prices are store credits then an account at will be mandatory.
- We at Alara Games wish you a pleasent tournament and feel free to contact us regarding any question.
Inlagd: 11:28, 14/3 -21 av Avatar  
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