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Format: Standard/Historic
Datum: Sön 29/11
Plats: Online, Trollhättan (Västra Götalands län)
Registrering: - okänd -
DCI-sanktionerad: Ja
Kontakt: Avatar

MER INFO Welcome to participate in Alara Games weekly Standard and Historic MTG Arena events.

Standard is on Tuesdays and Historic is on Sundays. Both starts at 19PM and we play 4 rounds swiss no mather the number of participants.

- Register by going to and don’t forget to add your MTG Arena account email under ”additional information” (failure to do so eliminates you from the tournament).

- Download the MTG Companion app for android/IOS here:
You will get pairings through this app

- Announcements for the tournament and other utilitys like voice communication will be done at our discord channel:

- You will receive parings through the companion app. Send a direct challenge for a best of 3 (bo3) match to your opponent.

Where: Magic the Gathering Arena
When: Every Thuesday/Sunday at 19.00
Format: Standard/Historic – Tournament Match bo3 - Swiss
Registration Ends: 18.45
Tournament Start: 19.00
Fee: 40:-
Rounds: 4
Price Support: 4-0 = 100 Store Credits and 3-1 = 50 Store Credits
Inlagd: 19:19, 17/11 -20 av Avatar  
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