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TURNERINGAR Magic på Prisfyndet i Uppsala ... Flashbackdrafter på LinCon! ...
[Alara Games] Store Championship
Senast läst: 00:13:21, 4/7 -22. Läst 227 gånger.
@svm s. 28/3 -20

18 rubriker
60 svar

[Alara Games] Store Championship 15:12:38, 20/5 -22  

It is time to crown the best of the best in Alara Games Biannual Store Championship. This time in Magic: the Gatherings most popular competitive format, Modern!

If you need to make a purchase or provide information, such as a deck list, to complete your tournament participation. Please do so 24h prior to the event for a smooth and convenient experience upon arrival.

Ticket Purchase:

Entry fee: 250:-

Participation limit: 100

Tickets are only available at Alara Games. Note that store credits CAN NOT be used in a purchase that includes any event ticket.

Tournament Details:

Format: Modern

Pairing Method: Swiss with cut to top 8.

Rule Enforcement Level: Competitive.

Decklist: Mandatory. Submit Here

Time and Place: 2022-07-16, 11:00 @ Alara Games, Trollhättan


Prize Structure:

1st: 2000 Store Credits, store stamped full art ''Dark Confidant'', store stamped ''Archmage's Charm'', and a Trophy.

2nd: 1000 Store Credits and a store stamped ''Archmage's Charm''.

3d-4th: 500 Store Credits and a store stamped ''Archmage's Charm''

5th-8th: 250 Store Credits and a store stamped ''Archmage's Charm''

Participation: A ''Flame Slash''

(Store Credit prize pool increases for each participant beyond 30.)

Uppdaterad: 15:37:44, 20/5 -22


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