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TURNERINGAR Modern Wednesday på Playoteket... TorsdagsLegacy på Playoteket i ...
Alara Games - Store Championship
Senast läst: 21:03:03, 8/12 -21. Läst 345 gånger.
@svm s. 28/3 -20

9 rubriker
52 svar

Alara Games - Store Championship 22:31:34, 23/11 -21  
-: It's time to crown the top player in Pioneer! :-
Finally the time is upon us to host a Store Championship. Regardless of experience, all is welcome to this fantastic event and no matter where you place, you will not leave empty handed!

-: No pioneer deck? :-
Now is a great opportunity to pick up one of the new ''Pioneer Challenger Preconstructed Decks'', to play as is or to upgrade it to make it your own. You can even play your standard legal deck in Pioneer, with slightly to no alterations.

-: Covid-19 Restrictions :-
We have prepared the majority of tables with a player divider in acrylic that we will use. These MUST NOT be moved during the event. There will be hand sanitizers accessible to all participants. We kindly but firmly ask of you to stay home if you have any symptoms of Covid.

The event area will also be closed for the general public.

-: Ticket purchase :-
Entry Fee: 250:-
Participation Limit: 80
Time: 11:00

Tickets are available at Note that store credits CAN NOT be used with a purchase that includes event tickets.

-: Tournament Format :-
Top 8
Rule Enforcement Level: Competative

-: Prize Support :-
1st: Trophy + Store Exclusive Wurmcoil Engine + Store Credits
2nd: Trophy
Top 8: Store Exclusive Collected Company + Store Credits
Participation: Arbor Elf Promo
Raffle: 3 Random D&D Foil Ampersand Promo to 3 Random Participants

Bifogning 202134121123_163852.jpg
(434 kb, laddad 100 ggr.)

Uppdaterad: 22:32:51, 23/11 -21

NotSoWeird presenterar ett smakprov från sin guldvippade auktion Allt börjar på 1kr. Säljer nästan alla mina kort!

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Sol Ring 9:- Buyout: 22:-

Sol Ring 9:- Buyout: 22:-

Sol Ring 9:- Buyout: 22:-

Sol Ring 9:- Buyout: 22:-

Verdant Catacombs 102:- Buyout: 330:-

Counterspell 1:- Buyout: 25:-

Flooded Strand 102:- Buyout: 255:-

Flooded Strand 102:- Buyout: 255:-

Flooded Strand 102:- Buyout: 255:-

Arid Mesa 71:- Buyout: 186:-

Daze 3:- Buyout: 19:-

Daze 3:- Buyout: 19:-

Polluted Delta 201:- Buyout: 275:-

Polluted Delta 164:- Buyout: 275:-

Polluted Delta 201:- Buyout: 275:-

Swords to Plowshares 3:- Buyout: 12:-

Swords to Plowshares 5:- Buyout: 18:-

Swords to Plowshares 3:- Buyout: 17:-

Swords to Plowshares 3:- Buyout: 17:-

Dark Confidant 23:- Buyout: 330:-


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