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ALLMäNT Limited-artiklar... spela med endast innersleeves? ...
Bluff-displayer från Amazon
Senast läst: 09:37:47, 12/8 -20. Läst 592 gånger.
@svm s. 13/12 -03

32 rubriker
337 svar

Bluff-displayer från Amazon 16:56:18, 23/7 -20  
Bara en liten heads-up om någon köper displayer på Amazon. Andy Schrock la upp en video igår... en typ av bluff-displayer som jag inte sett innan. Med kompletta boosters där någon ryckt raresen och sedan resealat lådan typ.

Han nämner inte vilken butik/säljare det gäller, men följande är enligt en kommentar på videon:

"I did a quick search on Amazon for the booster box, and when I clicked on one of the results and went down to the reviews I found a bunch of 1-star and 2-star reviews (about 15% of the reviews) reporting the exact same thing as what happened to Andy (complete with pictures; the packs look identical in how they were cut open).

The current seller is listed as "Kings Games", though I don't know which seller Andy bought it through (since they're not the only one listed).
The other listed sellers (Sharp Hobby Distribution and SB-Gaming) have even worse ratings; Kings Games has a 95% rating, Sharp Hobby has an 82% rating, and SB has 77%."

Om detta tagits upp tidigare så ber jag om ursäkt för repris.
Better the prince of some inferior court,
Than second, or less, in beatific light.


@svm s. 20/1 -04

661 rubriker
18315 svar

1. Sånt här kan vara bra att påmi... 10:16:58, 26/7 -20  
Sånt här kan vara bra att påminna om ibland :D
"In my opinion, DOOM should be an example to game developers and movie makers everywhere when making entertainment for guys like me. Forget complex enemy AI and character development. Forget levelling up and stats. Forget tactics and complex gameplay mechanics. Demons. Marines. Mars. Guns. Chainsaws. Done."

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