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REGELFRåGOR Undiscovered Paradise + Urborg... Academy Rector + kopior...
Azusa, Lost but Seeking
Senast läst: 02:04:57, 23/2 -18. Läst 968 gånger.
@svm s. 10/4 -09

216 rubriker
465 svar

Azusa, Lost but Seeking 16:29:01, 10/9 -17  
Azusa, Lost but Seeking säger att jag får spela två länder ytterligare, men vad händer om jag returnar Azusa, Lost but Seeking till min hand, spelar ut henne, får jag spela ut ytterligare två länder då?

eftersom den nya jag spelar in är inte "samma" Azusa, Lost but Seeking som jag tog tillbaka.

haft lite förvirring kring dessa regler, kort som låser kort sålänge dem är i spel, men om jag lägger in en ny så låser den inte samma kort fast dem heter likadant för dem betraktas som individer etc.

@svm s. 19/1 -04

259 rubriker
2768 svar

1. Regel forumet hade vist fel... 16:41:39, 10/9 -17  
Regel forumet hade vist fel
Min tråd för Kortspelet: Rage: Apocalypse

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Uppdaterad: 16:58:45, 10/9 -17
@svm s. 14/12 -11

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1935 svar

2. Vänta nu, den regeln ändrades ... 16:52:07, 10/9 -17  
Vänta nu, den regeln ändrades väl för inte så längesedan?
Var det inte så att spelet kommer ihåg azusa landdropsen om du använt upp dem även om du åter igen spelar den returnade Azusan?
Dessutom är det forumsvaret från 2005.

EDIT: FÖrklaring från reddit:
"Think of it not as additional, but as a limit. Counter intuitive because of the wording, but thats basically how it is.
All in the same turn: Drop Azusa, you have a maximum limit of 3 land plays this turn. Play all 3, you have hit your limit. Bounce Azusa, your limit is now 1 again. Replay Azusa, your limit is back up to 3, but you've still already played 3 so you are still at your limit.
It was a rules change that happened a while back, it actually did used to be additional."

Förklaring från Sheldon Menery:

"The way additional land drops used to work could be somewhat arcane. Now, it's pretty simple. You evaluate the number of land drops that permanents and effects give you at the moment you want to play one. This way, you don't have to keep track of whether you played your normal land drop or the additional one off of Oracle of Mul Daya. There are multiple permutations of this scenario, but again, the simple thing to do is to look at the board state and see what the case is right now.

You make your normal land drop for the turn and then cast Oracle of Mul Daya. You attack before playing an additional land. During combat, someone bounces Oracle back to your land. Post-combat, you evaluate whether or not you can play a land. As it stands, you're allowed one, and you've used one. No extra land drop for you. If you can recast the Oracle, then you're once again allowed to take the additional.

Let's look at the same scenario, only you cast Oracle of Mul Daya the first time and then make both your normal and the additional land drop. You once again go to combat, during which Oracle gets bounced. Post-combat, you recast it. Evaluating whether or not you can make one, you see that you're allowed two—your normal one and the one from Oracle. You've already used up two, so you can't have another. In general, it's not going to come up that often. It does prevent infinite Azusa / bounce / Horn of Greed scenarios."

Uppdaterad: 16:56:20, 10/9 -17
@svm s. 19/1 -04

259 rubriker
2768 svar

3. The legend rule and the additi... 16:57:54, 10/9 -17  
The legend rule and the additional land rule were both changed in the M14 update. So there was never a time that this particular play would have worked. Pre-M14 you would have needed to instead do something like bounce and replay Azusa, Lost but Seeking or use something like Cloudshift on her because just playing a second Azusa card would have killed both of them. After the M14 update, you no longer announce which particular rule you are using to play a land. Each time you want to play a land, you check the number of lands you are allowed to play and the number of lands you have already played to see if you are allowed to play a land.
Min tråd för Kortspelet: Rage: Apocalypse

Min tråd för: Deciphers Star Wars CCG och Lotr TCG

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