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Prowling Serpopard
Scattered Groves
Start // Finish
Oketra's Monument
Ahn-Crop Crasher
Emberhorn Minotaur
Cartouche of Knowledge
Naga Oracle
Tah-Crop Skirmisher
Quarry Hauler
Stinging Shot
Ancient Crab
Pouncing Cheetah
Impeccable Timing
Cartouche of Zeal
As Foretold
Consuming Fervor
Seraph of the Suns
Grasping Dunes
Bitterblade Warrior
Seeker of Insight
Winged Shepherd
Decision Paralysis
Sparring Mummy
Bloodlust Inciter
Cartouche of Solidarity
Benefaction of Rhonas
Evolving Wilds
Sandwurm Convergence
Ahn-Crop Champion
Grasping Dunes
Wayward Servant
Nimble-Blade Khenra
Oashra Cultivator
Bloodlust Inciter
Scribe of the Mindful
Blazing Volley
Binding Mummy
Dissenter's Deliverance
Minotaur Sureshot
Winds of Rebuke
Gift of Paradise
Vizier of Many Faces
Start // Finish
Nest of Scarabs
Flameblade Adept
Haze of Pollen
Pitiless Vizier
River Serpent
Scarab Feast
Rhet-Crop Spearmaster
Quarry Hauler
Cursed Minotaur
Naga Oracle
Supply Caravan
Hazoret's Favor
Faith of the Devoted
Synchronized Strike
Scaled Behemoth
Djeru's Resolve
Miasmic Mummy
Tormenting Voice
Sparring Mummy
Compelling Argument
Luxa River Shrine
Greater Sandwurm
Sunscorched Desert
Honored Hydra
Bontu's Monument
Grim Strider
Scaled Behemoth
Sparring Mummy
Forsake the Worldly
Cursed Minotaur
Gift of Paradise
Rhet-Crop Spearmaster
Spidery Grasp
Horror of the Broken Lands
Decision Paralysis
Blighted Bat
Seeker of Insight


1 Prowling Serpopard
1 Scattered Groves
2 Start // Finish
1 Oketra's Monument
1 Ahn-Crop Crasher
1 Emberhorn Minotaur
1 Cartouche of Knowledge
2 Naga Oracle
1 Tah-Crop Skirmisher
2 Quarry Hauler
1 Stinging Shot
1 Ancient Crab
1 Pouncing Cheetah
1 Impeccable Timing
1 Cartouche of Zeal
3 Plains
1 As Foretold
1 Consuming Fervor
1 Seraph of the Suns
2 Grasping Dunes
1 Bitterblade Warrior
2 Seeker of Insight
1 Winged Shepherd
2 Decision Paralysis
3 Sparring Mummy
2 Bloodlust Inciter
1 Cartouche of Solidarity
2 Cancel
1 Benefaction of Rhonas
1 Evolving Wilds
3 Island
1 Sandwurm Convergence
1 Ahn-Crop Champion
1 Wayward Servant
1 Nimble-Blade Khenra
1 Oashra Cultivator
1 Scribe of the Mindful
1 Blazing Volley
1 Binding Mummy
1 Dissenter's Deliverance
1 Minotaur Sureshot
1 Winds of Rebuke
2 Gift of Paradise
1 Vizier of Many Faces
1 Nest of Scarabs
1 Flameblade Adept
1 Floodwaters
1 Haze of Pollen
1 Pitiless Vizier
1 River Serpent
1 Scarab Feast
2 Rhet-Crop Spearmaster
2 Cursed Minotaur
1 Supply Caravan
1 Hazoret's Favor
1 Faith of the Devoted
1 Synchronized Strike
2 Scaled Behemoth
1 Djeru's Resolve
1 Miasmic Mummy
1 Tormenting Voice
1 Compelling Argument
1 Luxa River Shrine
1 Greater Sandwurm
1 Soulstinger
1 Sunscorched Desert
1 Honored Hydra
1 Bontu's Monument
1 Grim Strider
1 Forsake the Worldly
1 Spidery Grasp
1 Horror of the Broken Lands
1 Blighted Bat


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